Entry Fees and the duration of your First membership year

When you join the Club, you are immediately benefiting from all the efforts and investment made by Members since the Club was started more than 40 years ago, and so to reflect this, you are asked to pay on joining a small Entrance fee as part of the Application process, this amount will be automatically added to your first Invoice.  For all Membership levels this is £60.

However... whilst we do not 'Pro-rata' the Membership level fees as the Year progresses, we do reduce the Entry fees to reflect the fact that there is less time till your Membership will fall due for renewal on the 1st March.  So from the 1st. March until 'New Members day' - which is normally a Saturday around the 20th May - the full Entry fee is payable, then from New Members day until the 31st July only half the fee is payable, and from the 1st August until 30th September no Fee at all is due.  From the 1st October until the 1st March the full Fee is again payable, but if you join during his period, your membership runs until the 1st March of the next ASC Club Year, i.e. if you join 15th. October 2017, or 10th January 2018, your membership will run until 1st March 2019.

Boat Storage / Use fees

As part of the Application process you will be asked if you have a boat of your own which wish to store, or use, at ASC, in which case an additional fee is payable, with the cost of this being £100 for the first boat and then £70 for each further boat.  Please note these fees must be paid even if you are not storing the boat at ASC and are the same for all Membership levels, as they form the basis of the Rent we pay to the owners of the Reservoir.  Note you can only adjust the number of boats you pay for at Application or when Renewing your Membership, at all other times you must contact the Membership Secretary at membership@ardleighsc.co.uk and he / she will make the necessary adjustments.  Boat fees are not pro-rataed, and are not normally refundable, but we do try and maintain a 'Fair usage / payment' approach, so if for instance you buy a new boat, but have not yet sold your original boat, just let the membership Secretary know and they will advise you accordingly.

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